We offer blood tests in our laboratory if you bring a requisition from another doctor or institution. It is the doctor who has given you the requisition for the blood tests who is responsible for the follow-up on your results.

If you want a blood test, but do NOT have a requisition from another doctor, you must order a consultation, either at our clinic or by video or chat. You do not pay when you come for the blood test.


In the days before your blood test, you should stay away from especially hard physical workouts, and significant, high-fat meals. Some tests need to be taken at a certain time and for some tests, you need to be fasting. If this concerns your tests the doctor who requisitioned your tests will let you know. You need to bring a valid ID to the laboratory.

Price for taking the blood test: 200 kroner

EXCEPTION: Patients who have ordered blood tests through Blodsjekk AS do not pay a fee. (www.blodsjekk.no).

Order time for sampling
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