You can chat with us directly through your computer, tablet or phone, and get a medical assessment, advice, and treatment. By chat, you can upload pictures or other information if you want to.

If it is medically necessary, the doctor can without any extra cost:

  • Order blood tests (can be taken at our clinic or an external laboratory)
  • Refer to a specialist
  • Refer to radiologic examination
  • Write prescription*


If you want a consultation on chat, you book an appointment by picking «Order appointment». You pay in advance and we will contact you by SMS at the time of your appointment.

You need BankID to use this service.

If it during the consultation shows that the most medical responsible thing is to recommend a physical consultation to get the best assessment of the condition, we will recommend it. If you then choose to order a consultation at the clinic, we will take away the price from the video consultation from your payment at the physical consultation.


*We do not write sick notes by consultation on chat, or prescriptions on strong painkillers or addictive medicines (A- and B-medication)

We use as a secure communication platform for medical information.

Price: 350 kroner

Order consultation on chat