Our services

We take care of all general medical issues.

Consultation on the clinic, video, and chat

  • Blood sampling at home (only certain areas)
  • Home tests
  • Prescription on travel vaccine online
  • Corporate agreement


We have none or short waiting time on consultations, and we have a variety of quick tests. Some tests have to be sent for further examination. The results for these will come within 3-5 working days.

In serious cases, we can admit the patient directly to the hospital. We also refer patients to specialists, radiological examinations, or others in the public system if needed.

Some conditions will demand long-term follow-up, and in these cases, the patient is best served with follow-up with a general practitioner.

Unlike public regular doctors, we do not have refunds or support from the state, which means that you have to pay for the consultation. If you have a membership with us, you can get discounts. Students get a 20% discount.

Since we are a private clinic, it means that everyone can come here. It does not have anything to say whether you have a general practitioner or not and if you have a Norwegian birth number, D-number, or nothing at all. Everyone is welcome.

We do not prescribe strong painkillers or addictive medicines (A- and B-medication). We do not write driver license certificates or certificates which demand information about previous medical history.


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