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Who are the doctors?

At Drop-in Legene, the doctor Cecilie Nilsen and several other doctors work shifts. The doctors are either general practitioners or hospital doctors with experience in general medical challenges, many also have a long experience from an emergency room. All the doctors have been thoroughly backgrounded checked and have a Norwegian doctor’s license.

We take care of all general medical challenges. We have none or short waiting time on consultations, and we have several quick tests, which means that you get some answers during the consultation. Some tests need to be sent to a laboratory for further examination. The answer to these tests will come by 2-3 working days. In serious cases, we can admit patients directly to the hospital. We also refer patients to other specialists, radiological examinations, or others in the public health system if needed.

We do not prescribe strong painkillers or addictive medicines (A- and B-medication). We do not write driver license certificates or certificates which demand information about previous medical history.

You can quickly and easily order appointments on our website. Between 8 AM – 12:00 and 1 PM and 3 PM on weekdays, you can call our phone: 46295003.

A consultation costs 695 kroner (lasting 20 minutes). Also, costs for tests, medicines, and consumables can occur. You do not pay extra for a prescription, certificate, and sick note in case this would be necessary.

Unlike public regular doctors, we do not have refunds or support from the state, which means that you have to pay for the consultation. If you have a membership with us, you can get discounts. Students get a 20% discount.

Drop-in Legene has the most common medicine which is used in also used in the emergency department. This is for example antibiotics, painkillers (not A- and B-medication), eye drops, cough mixture, allergy tablets with more. Medicines will only be given out if necessary, to treat the issues, and only after the pharmacy’s opening hours.

The doctor always does an individual medical assessment. If the doctor believes that the medical conditions for a sick note or absence certificate are fulfilled, and it is necessary with a prescription, the doctor will write it out.

We do not write sick notes for more than one week. If the condition needs long-term follow-up, the patient is best served with follow-up at their general practitioner.

We do not prescribe A- and B-medication (sleeping tablets, strong painkillers, anxiolytic substance with more)

We relate to the guidelines concerning antibiotics, and we only write it if we see that it is medically appropriate.

We do not write driver license certificates because it demands information about previous medical history.

Guidelines for referring patients to radiological examinations and specialists will be the same for our doctors as for every other doctor in Norway. In the cases where the doctor believes that it is medically necessary with a radiological examination or an assessment from a specialist, our doctors will refer patients to this. If it is not seen as medically necessary, our doctors will not refer patients to others.

Payment can be done with a card, cash, or by Vipps.

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