Consultation (20 min)
695 kr

Exception: Student discount: 20%
Vaccination: 300 kroner + the vaccine
Test for sexually transmitted diseases: 350 kroner

Besides, costs for tests and consumables can occur.


Unlike public regular doctors, we do not have refunds or support from the state, which means that you have to pay for the consultation. If you have a membership with us, you can get discounts. Students get a 20% discount.

All tests which are sent to a laboratory will cost 185 kroner when you have an appointment with us. Quick tests which you get the results on during the consultation have their prices (see own list).

Some medicines can be bought at the same prices as the pharmacy. This regards medicines which are necessary to treat the current ailments and by the pharmacies opening hours.

We do not prescribe strong painkillers or addictive medicines (A- and B-medication). We do not write driver license certificates or certificates which demand information about previous medical history.

If you want to cancel or reschedule the appointment, you must do so no later than 24 hours before. If you cancel later than this, you must pay for the consultation.

quick tests

Quick tests are tests in which the results are done in a short time, and you will get the result during the consultation. We have the following quick tests:

Various quick tests


CRP (Distinguishes between infection by virus or bacteria) 60 kr
Strep A (Detecting streptococcal throat infection) 60 kr
Monospot (Detects mononucleosis) 90 kr
Blood sugar (Glucose) 50 kr
HbA1c (Measures the avarage blood sugar the last 2 months) 100 kr
Pregnancy test in urine 70 kr
Microalbumin in the urin (Proteins in the urine)  75 kr
D-dimer (can detect blood clots) 200 kr
Troponin (used in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction) 200 kr
INR (Monitoring the effect of Marevan treatment) 100 kr
FOB (Detects non visible blood in stool) 90 kr
ECG 200 kr
Drug test (urine) 180 kr

Detection of various viruses by respiratory infection

Influenza A and B 90 kr
RS-virus 90 kr

Detection of in the stomach and intestines

Rota-/adenovirus 90 kr
Norovirus 115 kr
Helicobactus pylori 115 kr

Sexual transmittable diseases

Herpes type I and II 95 kr
Fungus (Candida albicans) 90 kr

Small surgery

Removing of 1 mole 1150 kr
Removing of 2 moles 1300 kr
Removal of lipoma 1150 kr
Operation enclosed toenail 1400 kr


Cell sample from the cervix 110 kr