We offer the following corona tests:

  1. PCR-test from nose and throat
  2. Antigen-rapid test (from the nose)
  3. Antibody test IgG and IgM (blood sample)

If you are traveling abroad and need a negative test result, you are responsible to find out which test the country demand. Most countries relate to the PCR-test.



If you have symptoms from the airways, throat, or a fever, or you suspect that you may have Covid-19, you can order a Covid-19 test without consultation. Some institutions and countries demand a PCR test even though you do not have symptoms.

If you order an appointment before 12.30, you may get the answer the same day before 10 PM, but this cannot be guaranteed. Until now the test results have come the day after taking the test between 1 PM and 10 PM, but since we are depending on a third party to get the tests analyzed, we cannot guarantee results between a certain time.


Antigen test:

The antigen test is a rapid test and is taken with a swab from your nose. The test is approved by the Norwegian health government. The test has a sensitivity of 91,4% and a specificity of > 99,8%. With suspicion of infection, there will always be taken a PCR-test as well, without any extra cost. You will get the test result within 20 minutes. The rapid test cannot be used to give exemption from quarantine.


Read more about what FHI says about the antigen test here:

–        https://www.fhi.no/nettpub/coronavirus/testing-og-oppfolging-av-smittede/hurtigtester-for-pavisning-av-koronavirus/


Antibody test:

IgG-antibody test can detect if you have had an infection with coronavirus. It shall have gone at least 2 weeks from the symptoms started until you take the blood test. The blood test is NOT suitable to detect an ongoing infection! The response time is 1-2 working days (Saturday and Sunday are not working days)


NOTICE: IgM-antibody test is only taken for people traveling to China. The test must be done before 11 AM, and it has to be written in the commentary when booking an appointment. The result of the IgM test comes the next day before 10 PM if it is a working day. IgM-tests that are not supposed to be older than 48 hours, can only be taken Monday-Thursday.


We have two waiting rooms with separate entrances: one for patients without symptoms or suspicion of Covid19, and one for patients with symptoms. Everyone is kindly asked to wear masks, and those with symptoms are requested to touch as little as possible. The doctor will always come to get you when it is your turn, and you must wait in whatever waiting room you are supposed to be in until the doctor comes to get you.

Price PCR or antibody test: 495 kroner

Price PCR + English certificate: 695 kroner

Price antigen test/rapid test: 995 kroner

Price consultation + PCR-test: 695 kroner (+ eventual costs for other tests and certificates)

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