We offer the following Covid19 tests:

  • Antigen rapid test WITHOUT written certificate for those who have access to their testresult on helsenorge.no: 495 NOK

  • Antigen rapid test WITH certificate: 995 NOK

  • PCR-test WITHOUT certificate for those who have access to their testresult on helsenorge.no: 495 NOK

  • PCR-test WITH certificate: 695 NOK


If you need a test for travel you are responsible to know which kind of test (PCR- or antigen rapid test) you need for travelling to your destination, as well as how long the test is valid. You can check the testing requirements for travellers to EU-countries on reopen.europa.eu.


The results will be ready in 1-2 working days, but since we are dependent on a third-party to analyze the tests, we can never guarantee answer within a certain time. Notice: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not working days. 

If you need the test for travel, we recommend that you take the test as early as possible within the timelimit of the validity of the certificate for your destination. Drop-in Legene will not compencate any expenses for missed flights and other expenses if you do not receive the test result within the period mentioned above.

If you have symptoms from you airways, throat or have a fever, or you suspect that you may have Covid19, you can either book a Covid19-test without consulting a doctor or a doctor appointment. In addition to a PCR-test, other tests can be taken if you choose a doctor appointment.

Results of PCR-tests appear on Helsenorge.no. If you have ordered PCR-test WITH English certificate, this will be sent within a couple of hours after the results have appeared on Helsenorge.no.

Antigen rapid test:

You will get access to the test result on helsenorge.no, and it will appear in the corona certificate within 15 minutes. A negative test results gives a green Covid19 certificate in Norway for 24 hours from the test result is ready. The certificate is valid a longer period in EU-/EØS-countries. Not every country/airline approve the antigen rapid test or the Covid19 certificate as a valid documentation. You can find the Covid 19 certificate on helsenorge.no. Read more about the corona certificate here: https://www.helsenorge.no/koronasertifikat/om/

If you want a written certificate or you do not have a Norwegian ID number or D-number or you do not have access til your testresult on helsenorge.no, you must order “Antigen rapid test with certificate”.

Antibody test:

IgG-antibody test can detect if you have had an infection with coronavirus. It shall have gone at least 2 weeks from the symptoms started until you take the blood test. The blood test is NOT suitable to detect an ongoing infection! The response time is 1-2 working days (Saturday and Sunday are not working days)

We have two waiting rooms with separate entrances: one for patients without symptoms or suspicion of Covid19, and one for patients with symptoms. Everyone is kindly asked to wear masks, and those with symptoms are requested to touch as little as possible. The doctor will always come to get you when it is your turn, and you must wait in whatever waiting room you are supposed to be in until the doctor comes to get you.

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