Invest in your employees – a good work environment with satisfied and healthy employees will pay off in every way!!

We offer annual health examinations on employees, and the employees, as well as their spouses/cohabitants, and children below the age of 18 get a 20% discount on all consultations at the clinic.

Healthy employees are undoubtedly an advantage for an employer. Good health gives more energy, productivity, and profit. By promoting the health of your employees, it can result in:

  • Less absence
  • More satisfied employees
  • Lower turnover
  • Key-employees stays longer
  • Increased productivity
  • You become a wanted employer


The goal without health controls is to identify risk factors and discover diseases as soon as possible, to quickly use preventive measures or assess and treat disease. Also, we want to increase the employees’ focus on preventive lifestyle changes, both mentally and physically, to promote optimal health and life quality.

Our goal is to be best when it comes to personal contact and follow-up. We care about our clients – your employees are supposed to feel important, seen, heard, and safe.

Contact us by mail at if you want more information, and we would be happy to have a non-binding meeting to present ourselves.

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